About your Hosts

Joyce Gutierrez

Before 2015, Joyce tried all the things - blogging with her dog Pancake, selling jewelry, and taking all the creative classes you can think of. She was searching for an outlet from my job in tech. When she found calligraphy, she knew this was it. Her creative outlet then turned into a side hustle. After creating a few courses and opening an online shop, she started to business coach other creatives - mostly so she can help them build businesses based on something they love, but also so she can be a stay at home dog mom.

5 Things you Need to Know about Joyce

  • Is weirdly allergic to kiwis
  • Will one day start a non-profit for dogs - but for now, her two rescues Pancake and Bee keep her busy
  • Believes her spirit animal is either a T Rex or an otter (but really, a T Rex)
  • Will forever love *NSYNC
  • Dreams of one day owning a bakery and cafe (because Great British Bake Off taught her why you don’t want stodgy cakes and the difference between Génoise and Joconde sponge)

Want to stay in touch? Visit her website, follow her on Instagram, or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Aleia Walker

Back in 2014, Aleia took my first day job and *immediately* knew it wasn't for her! So she started a side hustle and kept chugging along until she was able to quit and start her life as a work from home entrepreneur (yay to the leggings as pants life)! Nowadays, she craft email marketing and tech funnels for busy creatives who don’t have time to figure out where all the pieces go. Also, I’m a rum aficionado who loves working with people who think business should be fun and profitable.  

5 Things you Need to Know about Aleia

  • Recieved her degree in Creative Writing in Miami and therefore believes anything less than 75°F is sweater weather.
  • She is a certifiable certified data nerd. Spreadsheets are her love language.
  • Is an award-winning nightowl (she may or may not have written this page at 2:44a).
  • Is as obsessed with lifting weights as she is with drinking premium aged rums (balance, right). Both frequently end up in her Instagram Stories.
  • Refuses to get a 4-door vehicle until she has a hubby and a carseat.

Want to stay in touch? Visit her website, follow her on Instagram, or join her Transformation Tuesdays email list.

Joyce and Aleia met in 2017 in a group coaching/mastermind program. Aleia had quit 9 to 5 six months earlier and Joyce was at the tail end of her day job. She didn't know at the time but she was six months away from quitting as well (they share a quit date exactly 1-year apart).

Even before sharing a quit date, they had a lot in common. They both thought (and still think) cubicles are mini-torture chambers, mugs are mostly made to hold wine + spirits, and they both had a lot that they didn't know that they didn't know. 

Through that mastermind, they both unearthed a lot of fears they didn't realize they had in order o grow businesses that felt aligned to their purposes and desires to make all the big purchases they wanted—without guilt.

And they have! Two years after meeting (and after many iterations of their businesses), Joyce is a Business Coach for Creatives who want to quit their day jobs and Aleia is an Email Marketing Copywriter for creates email + tech funnels for busy creatives.

They created Your Big Sexy Year in late 2018 and are so excited to present the 3rd iteration of their project to you... soon ;-)

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Nights & weekends are your jam.

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Something BIG(GER) is coming to Your Big Sexy Year

... for creatives who want to grow a business they love as much as those lazy mornings in bed.

Want to be the first to hear about the SECRET Your Big Sexy Year project?

We got YOU. Drop your details here and get on the list. We'll bring the confetti.

Speaker Information Page

More questions? Send Joyce or Aleia an email. 

What's going on?

Joyce Gutierrez (of Modern Creative Pursuits) and Aleia Walker (of Aleia Walker Creative) are hosting the Your Big Sexy Year virtual summit for newly (and aspiring) full-time creatives.

This is not a "how to start a business" summit. We don't want to throw a lot of big strategies that sound really inspirational and helpful. The YBSY Summit focuses on delivering highly actionable content that viewers can implement quickly.

So, no talks on "how to use Facebook for your business" but talks on "what questions to ask your clients to build the perfect Facebook testimonial" are exactly what we're looking for.

We invited you to be a part in this summit because you are amazing at what you do and how you serve. Keep reading for more info!

The Quick & Dirty

  • The Summit is Tues, June 18 - Thurs, June 21 in our pop-up Facebook group.
  • Everyday there are 5 different talks, with each day based around a specific theme.
  • Videos will be available for free for 24 hours.
  • We're offering an all-access pass for people who are unable to attend live.
  • We're offering affiliate income to you :-)

About your Presentation

Your presentations are whatever you want to make them! We want them to be very concise and focused on accomplishing the one thing your title promises. Instead of thinking of it as a webinar, think about it as if you're having a conversation with one person.

Here are some short guidelines to help as well. 

  • Pre-record your presentation using a service like Loom, Camtasia, or Screenflow.
  • Keep your intro short and sweet (<3-5 minutes).
  • At the most, your video should be 30-45 minutes.
  • It's cool to mention your freebies but please don't mention paid products.
  • If it would be useful for the viewer to have your freebie beforehand (for example, if you have a workbook to follow along with during your presentation), please let us know!
  • Join the Facebook Group in June when it's live. You do not have to participate in the group on a day to day basis but we ask that you join while your presentation airs to answer any questions!

About the Affiliate Income

The videos are free for 24 hours from the time they air in the Facebook Group. After that, we'll be offering a paid All-Access Pass that increases on the following schedule: 

  • Free registration to view live.
  • $47 early bird (June 3rd - Jue 18th)
  • $97 during (June 18th - June 21st @ 3pm)
  • $147 (June 21st @ 3pm - June 24th)

Affiliate Commission 40% for all sales captured through your link which we will provide before the promotional period. 

Promoting the Summit

May 29th - June 2nd // Promoting something new is coming soon (optional) Promoting the Summit (and early bird) // June 3rd - June 18th 

We ask that you particiapte in promoting the event by:

  • sharing one dedicated email to your list, and
  • sharing one social media post to one platform.

You are free to do more during the promotional period and we will provide graphics and other collateral by May 22nd.

I'm in! What's next for me?

  • Complete the speaker questionnaire.
  • Send us your headshot!
  • Promote the summit via 1 dedicated email to your list & 1 social media post.
  • Submit your video by May 28th.
  • Join the Facebook group (in June) and show up for a Q&A while your talk airs. 

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